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Raytech’s customized light-transmitting modules help Germany’s Agri-PV projects, and doublel-glass technology leads a new chapter in green agriculture

Release date:2024-03-19 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Project location: Heuchlingen, Germany

Solar panel: 49% light-transmitting double glass, 69% light-transmitting double glass, 10% light-transmitting double glass

Recently, Raytech's Agri-PV project in Germany was successfully completed, marking the remarkable results of the integrated development of green energy and modern agriculture jointly promoted by both parties. The project uses Raytech’s customized double-glass module technology, combined with advanced agricultural technology, to form an innovative agricultural and photovoltaic complementary model. Double-glass modules not only have high photoelectric conversion efficiency, but also have excellent weather resistance and durability, which can ensure stable operation of the project under various climate conditions. At the same time, it also provides a good growing environment for crops and achieves a win-win situation between energy and agriculture.


In the beautiful Heuchlingen, Germany, Raytech has brought breakthrough changes to the local agricultural greenhouses with its excellent customized light-transmitting modules. The modules installed this time include 49% light-transmitting double glass, 69% light-transmitting double glass, and 10% light-transmitting double glass. Each type is precisely designed for the growth needs of specific crops.

The Agri-PV project organically combines photovoltaic power generation with agricultural planting, which not only makes full use of land resources, but also improves energy utilization efficiency. During the implementation of the project, Raytech overcame many technical difficulties and ensured the smooth progress of the project.


Imagine that when these carefully crafted photovoltaic modules are covered above the greenhouse, they not only provide a stable power supply, but also promote the growth of crops below in an intelligent way. Photovoltaic modules with different light transmittances create the most suitable growth environment for apples, cherries and other fruit trees, allowing each fruit to be bathed in just the right amount of sunlight.

This project is a true win-win. It not only allows local farmers to enjoy high-quality green electricity and reduces energy costs, but also brings more considerable economic benefits to farmers by increasing the yield and quality of crops. At the same time, this Agri-PV model also makes positive contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Raytech has won praise from customers and market recognition with its superb technology and professional services. In the future, we firmly believe that Raytech will continue to write more glorious chapters in the field of agricultural photovoltaics and bring more innovations and breakthroughs to global agricultural production and energy utilization.

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