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Australia Plans to Levy “Solar Tax“ on Rooftop Solar Systems

Release date:2021-03-30 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

According to Australian media reports, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) proposed controversial new rules, millions of Australian families may soon be charged extra "solar tax" for selling solar energy to the grid.

According to the published draft, AEMC proposes to levy a tax of 0.02AUD/kWh on solar energy sold to the grid at noon. AEMC said the tax would send a "price signal" to help reduce grid congestion and encourage more households to install battery storage devices to reduce the amount of electricity available to the grid during peak periods.

In 2020, about 33,000 Australian households installed battery storage systems, but the installation cost of Tesla Powerwall 2 is more than AUD 14,000, which can not generate investment return for households.

Some solar advocacy groups are strongly opposed to the concept of solar tax. They believe that the grid can get rich returns through the existing grid electricity price. They should make the necessary investment to meet the demand for distributed energy. AEMC will seek feedback on its proposal by May 13 before making a final ruling in June.

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