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Spanish Solar Association: 3.4GW Solar Capacity Added in 2020

Release date:2021-07-19 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

According to the latest statistics released by the Spanish Solar Association UNEF, 2020 is the second best year in installation amount with 3.4GW new solar power generation in Spain.

The association reported that the installed capacity last year was 3.4GW, of which 2.8GW came from ground mounted solar power plants and 596MW from roof solar arrays. 2019 is by far the best year in Spanish solar history, with a ground installed capacity of 4201MW and a spontaneous self use capacity of 459MW. However, most ground installation projects in 2019 were subsidized through the national auction plan, while most of last year's projects were non-subsidized power plants under the power purchase agreement.

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