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Raytech Double Glass Solar Modules Brought High-gain Business Model to Solar Industry

Release date:2021-02-25 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Recently, PV Magazine, one of the most professional solar industry media, reported an article on the application of double glass solar modules in agricultural greenhouses. The 10MW greenhouse project reported by PV Magazine uses Raysolar (sub-brand of Raytech) double glass modules, specifically speaking, high-transparency double glass solar modules as the roof material.

The double income model of power generation from greenhouse roof solar modules and plantings in the greenhouses has aroused hot discussions.

Solar-agricultural greenhouse is a new mode of solar application. Compared with the construction of utility-scale ground solar station, a solar-agricultural project has many advantages.

Firstly, solar-agricultural greenhouses use the roof of the agricultural greenhouses, which does not occupy the ground area, so it can save land resources; secondly, by installing solar panels with different light transmittance on the agricultural greenhouse, it can meet the lighting needs of different crops, and can plant various high value-added crops such as organic agricultural products, seedlings, etc. Finally, the use of shed roof power generation can not only meet the power demand of agricultural greenhouses, but also connect the remaining electricity to the grid for sale, increasing revenue.

So, why do agricultural greenhouses and double glass modules match best among various types of solar modules?

Firstly, the double glass modules can be manufactured with customizable transmittance. Double glass module battery can realize 10% - 60% light transmission, meeting the needs of all kinds of light needs from different crops. Therefore, solar modules can generate electricity on the shed and plants can naturally grow under the shed, realizing double economic benefits.

Secondly, the benefits are higher. Raytech did a data collection for its projects of 10MW single-glass modules and double-glass modules in the same project. After one year's comparison of power generation data, the power generation of double glass module per MW is about 3% more than that of single glass module per MW. In the case of the same initial investment, the agricultural greenhouse with double glass components has higher internal rate of return, lower electricity cost and thus becoming more favored by the owners. Therefore, using double glass solar modules as the roof materials of greenhouses is becoming a trend globally.

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in “PV Modules Manufacturing and System Integration” and “Smart Panel Materials Manufacturing”. The company has independent product R&D teams, national key laboratory and 1.2GW full-automatic manufacturing line. Raytech Double-glass modules come with 12-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty (2 years and 5 years longer than industry's standard product / performance warranty respectively).

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