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How to Prevent Solar Systems from Accidents

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Safety is the most important part of solar system quality. The safety of solar system includes: construction safety, grid-connection safety, system wind resistance, lightning protection, fire and arc protection, anti-theft, sand proof, etc. Building safety includes building load, anti-leakage, no damage to the insulation layer and building fire protection.


Firstly, Building safety assessment needs to be carried out by professional departments. Distributed solar system integrated with buildings should pass the building safety assessment before construction. If the pole insulation is damaged, the parallel circuit arc will be generated, while the damage to the ground insulation will generate the ground arc. Therefore, if the quality of cables, connecting devices, contactors and circuit breakers has problems or the engineering installation is not careful, the arc may occur and cause fire.


Secondly, the wind resistance of the system needs to be designed according to the local maximum wind speed in the past 30 years, but it needs to be optimized and balanced among many factors, such as the installation angle of the square array, the annual power generation, the building load, the land occupation, shading of surroundings and so on. For example, the angle of the square array is directly related to the wind load. The angle of the square array designed to maximize the annual power generation may need to bear greater wind load, to reduce the wind load. For larger counterweight, which just exceeds the maximum load that the building can bear, it is necessary to change the inclination angle to adapt to the building load; for another example, the change of inclination angle may lead to larger land occupation, which increases the cost. Sometimes the roof area is limited, and it is not allowed to have larger spacing between the square arrays, so the wind resistance design of the square array needs to be adapted to local conditions.


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