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Raytech Solar Modules Contribute to Reaching the Goal of Global Carbon Neutralization

Release date:2020-12-11 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-


Raytech has been specializing in delivering high-efficiency double-glass solar modules to help the communities decrease the carbon emission involved in the process of electricity generation.


In October 28th, it is announced that South Korea will realize carbon neutralization by 2050. Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, said: "the Korean government will work together with the international community to tackle climate change. In the process of transformation, the government will create new market opportunities, new industry development and employment opportunities.


It is understood that as early as April 2019, the Democratic Party of Korea has made 2050 carbon neutralization as a part of its election strategy. Now it has established it as the official policy of the government, making South Korea the third Asian country with clear carbon neutralization target after China and Japan. The Executive Director of the Climate Change Committee, an Asian investor group, said it would send a strong signal to markets to encourage other Asian countries and trading partners to follow up.


"What we need to do now is to define a concrete roadmap to achieve the carbon neutralization goal and strengthen the goal of 2030," said Lee Su-yong, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea. Although 2050 is still a long way to go, building planning and infrastructure need to be changed immediately. We need laws and policies to effectively promote this huge social transformation. "


Joo-jin Kim, Executive Director of Solutions for Our Climate, a climate organization in South Korea, pointed out: "to make 2050 carbon neutralization a meaningful goal, the Korean government needs to raise its emission reduction target by 2030 as soon as possible, and put forward a clear energy transformation plan to ensure the elimination of coal and electricity by 2030."


Raytech double-glass solar modules have been awarded with IEC certifications and are available for Korean markets to help realize the Carbon Neutralization Target by 2050.

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