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Price warning? Roof solar prices will continue to rise this year

Release date:2022-02-17 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

According to a report recently released by the British analysis company GlobalData, the price of roof solar modules in 2022 is expected to increase moderately and will not return to the downward trend until next year. The reason is the logistics problem after COVID-19, rather than the shortage of polysilicon.

GlobalData said that the cost of roof array decreased from about $9300 in 2014 to $4550 in 2020, with an annual decrease of about $600-900.

However, since 2020, prices have rebounded due to the epidemic and its chain reaction to the global supply chain. Last year, the price of roof system rebounded by $700, the highest level since 2018. This trend is not expected to reverse this year.

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