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Czech roof photovoltaic installed capacity has doubled, and the cost can be recovered in 8 years

Release date:2022-01-19 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

In the context of the rapid rise in energy prices, the Czech Republic is increasingly interested in roof solar systems. Due to higher energy costs and government grant schemes, the current return on investment in these systems is about eight years or less for most families.

Major energy suppliers in the Czech Republic ? EZ announced that the number of photovoltaic panels installed last year was 2.5 times that of 2020. Meanwhile, sales of batteries and heat pumps doubled over the same period.

According to the Czech Solar Energy Association, the main type of solar energy production in the Czech Republic is through small roof solar panels.

The association said that the main increase in household photovoltaic installation occurred in the second half of last year, when energy prices began to rise.

Martin SEDL á K, project director of the Modern Energy Union, a non-governmental organization supporting green, said: "what the Czech Republic is most interested in is buying solar panels and batteries to maximize the potential of photovoltaic systems“

"The most typical system costs about CZK 500000, but a cheaper system can also be found at a price of about CZK 430000. Nov á Zelen á ú spor á m (government funded scheme) accounts for about 50% of this investment.

"12 years ago, the rate of return of the combination of photovoltaic and battery was about 12 years. At the current price, the return on investment is close to eight years. If a large amount of electricity is used, the return on investment may be shorter. However, it depends on the individual consumption of each family."

Another option is to buy a solar assisted heat pump, which uses solar energy to heat water. Pavel hrzina of the Department of electronic technology of the Czech University of Technology said that this is the most cost-effective photovoltaic application.

"You put your module on the roof and connect it directly to the boiler with a simple regulator. Such a system only costs you hundreds of thousands of kroner. Considering the cost of building materials today, it is nothing at all. It provides hot water for the family for about 10 months a year."

He further introduced that in recent years, the recovery cost of solar panels has become cheaper and cheaper, which also helps to make photovoltaic more attractive. Such panels are currently degraded at a rate of about 0.25% per year.

Although recycling batteries is much more difficult at present, the scientist believes that this problem can also be solved in the next few years.

"The chemical composition of batteries is more complex. At present, there are not many batteries that need to be recycled. We will have to wait until there are batteries that really need to be recycled. However, some companies are already asking how to do this."

According to energy research, solar energy is likely to cover nearly 27% of the total energy consumption of the Czech Republic, about half of which is covered by roof solar panels and the other half by solar panels installed on the outer wall.

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