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The National Energy Administration: implement the relevant price policy of “selling electricity through partition walls,“ and promote distributed gene

Release date:2022-01-11 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
n January 10, the National Energy Administration issued the implementation opinions on deepening the reform of "decentralized services" in the energy field and optimizing the business environment. The document requires power grid enterprises to do a good job in the access to the power grid and power grid interconnection services for projects such as new energy, distributed energy, new energy storage, microgrid and incremental distribution network, so as to provide necessary information for the access system design of relevant projects, Specify the inquiry process and handling time limit of information such as exploitable capacity of distribution transformer. Explore the "regulatory sandbox" mechanism for new industries and formats such as comprehensive energy services, smart energy and energy storage, and encourage policy and mechanism innovation on the basis of strictly abiding by safety and environmental protection standards.

The document calls for accelerating the development of new energy. Simplify the approval (filing) procedures for new energy projects. For projects that have fulfilled the administrative licensing procedures in accordance with laws and regulations, it is not allowed to add or disguise additional handling links and application materials for project commencement, grid connection operation and completion acceptance. Local governments are encouraged to explore and learn from the reform method of "standard land", complete some basic evaluation, approval and other work for new energy projects, lay a good foundation for the project and improve the commencement efficiency of energy projects. For new energy power generation projects connected to the distribution network and consumed locally, power grid enterprises shall do a good job in network connection services.

We will promote the integration of multi energy complementarities and the development of comprehensive energy services. Promote the establishment of a mechanism to promote the coordinated development of multiple energy varieties with wind, water and fire storage as the core, improve the integrated planning, construction and approval process of multi energy complementary projects, and coordinate the construction sequence of multi energy complementary projects and transmission channels. Promote the packaging and approval (filing) of internal grid load storage of microgrid, and accelerate the approval and construction progress of comprehensive energy projects. Explore and promote the one network joint office of "electricity, water, gas and heat".

Promote market-oriented trading of distributed generation. Improve the market trading mechanism, support distributed generation to participate in market transactions, explore the construction of a trading platform based on blockchain and other technology applications, and establish an institutional mechanism suitable for trading between renewable energy micro grid, stock local grid, incremental distribution network and large grid. Promote the nearby trading of distributed generation and implement relevant price policies. Promote distributed generation to participate in green power trading.

Establish and improve a long-term mechanism for low-carbon energy transformation. Support coal, oil and gas enterprises to use existing resources to build clean energy power generation projects such as photovoltaic, promote the implementation of integrated development projects of natural gas power generation and renewable energy, and promote the coordinated development of fossil energy and renewable energy. Adapt to the construction of new power system and promote better coordination between coal power, gas power and new energy development. Further encourage and optimize energy enterprises to sign long-term agreements with major users to ensure stable energy supply.

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