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Solar Plays a Significant Role in Desert Control

Release date:2020-12-24 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

In Zhaojun Town, Inner Mongolia Region, 50000 Mu of solar farm devices are connected into a whole piece, which looks like a blue "ocean" from a distance.

Desert control is a worldwide problem. After decades of efforts, great achievements have been made in Kubuqi area of China. Solar farms played a significant role in sand control, which is another innovative exploration in recent years.

"The Kubuqi Desert covers an area of 4.35 million Mu in our region, accounting for more than one third of the total area." Tian Zhanzhuang, GM of Kubuqi Forestry Company, introduced that through a series of measures, the desert area of the region has been reduced to 3.27 million mu. Since planning solar projects in Kubuqi Desert since 2017, the first phase of the project has implemented construction of 23000 Mu, including 3000 Mu of shelter forest, 17500 Mu of sand barrier, 12000 Mu of interplanting economic forest such as jujube, and 5000 Mu of Chinese herbal medicine such as scutellaria baicalensis and Aatragalus membranaceus. At the end of this year, the second phase project of Dalate solar farm will soon go into operation.

At the same time, this once barren land has embarked on the development road of "three industries" integration. "We combine the development of solar industry with desert organic agriculture and tourism, promoting ecological industrialization and industrial ecology, and maximize the ecological, economic and social benefits of the base." According to Wang Xiaodao, Deputy Director of the Development and Reform Commission of Dalate Desert, the primary industry is mainly to use all kinds of open space in the project area to plant 2000 Mu of drought resistant organic crops and psammophytes, and carry out 25000 high-grade beef cattle breeding. The second industry will focus on developing clean energy facilities such as solar farms. This year, the solar farm power generation will exceed 1 billion kwh, and the power selling will generate 50 million USD in cash. The third industry will set up a Germplasm Resource Bank of Psammophytes to carry out desert-realted research, intelligent science popularization, and build Kubuqi solar energy tourism park.

"After the completion of Dalate solar farm project, the annual power generation capacity will reach 4 billion kwh, the effective desertification control area will be 200000 Mu, and the annual carbon dioxide emission reduction will be 3.2 million tons." Wang said.

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