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Raytech wins a first-class certificate for outdoor power generation capacity of the CQC “Top Runner”

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On Dec. 5, 2019, a seminar on the environmental adaptability and outdoor power generation capacity rating of photovoltaic products, jointly held by China Quality Certification Center and China Electric Institute, was grandly open in Qionghai, a city on the beautiful island of Hainan.Raytech is honored to participate in this grand event.


Located in the east of Hainan, with an average annual temperature of 27.4 °C and an average annual humidity of 87%, Hainan Qionghai station of national outdoor empirical research base for photovoltaic products features a typical humid tropical inland climate. 1 km from Wanquan River and about 20 km from the sea, it is China's benchmark humid and hot environment test station.. This base makes up for the deficiencies in accelerated aging standards and evaluation methods of existing laboratories, and reveals the power generation capacity, performance attenuation, weather resistance, reliability and response characteristics of materials and equipment with various data, structures and technologies as well as power generation system with different application scenarios in a real service environment.


Hainan outdoor test field has successively carried out research on the environmental durability of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic materials. Over the past three years, several batches of samples of photovoltaic laminates and small modules have been tested, accumulating more than 3 years of empirical data.

Fig. 1: Technical analysis on certification industry standards

At this meeting, the first batch of outdoor empirical results of photovoltaic modules and technical analysis of certification industry standards were officially announced, and the awarding ceremony for the first batch of outdoor power generation capacity rating certificate of the “Top Runner” certification program kicked off. All attendees witnessed the birth of the first batch of honorable users of Hainan station of CQC national empirical research base.

Fig. 2: Product Certificate of Raytech

Mr. Xian Hongtao, Vice-General Manager of Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. Raytech R & D Laboratory, after observing and comparing years of power generation data regarding agricultural photovoltaic power generation, fishing photovoltaic power generation, ground, industrial and commercial roofs and outdoor empirical projects, found that the average annual power generation of double glass modules is more than 3% higher than that of single glass modules. Efficient and high-quality double glass modules bring higher benefits to owners in harsh environments and low light. In the future, the Company will continue to adhere to the realistic path of reducing cost for owners with high-quality products, and stick to providing markets with high-efficiency and high-yield products. In addition, Raytech will bring higher return on investment to customers and supply users worldwide with more clean and environmental-friendly power in this age of grid parity.

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