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Raytech debuts vividly at Intersolar Europe2022 in Munich, Germany

Release date:2022-05-11 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Intersolar Europe has been holding at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany, from May 11 to 13, 2022. The exhibition is one of the biggest and most influential solar professional exhibitions and fairs in Europe.

As a professional manufacturer of double glass solar panels for 13 years, Raytech is certainly not absent from this industry event. At the intersolar exhibition, the double glass solar panels exhibited by Raytech won a lot of attentions from visitors.

Mono Bifacial 182 double glass solar panel: double sided power generation, power generation increased by 25%; half cut technology to reduce the power loss caused by shadow occlusion; Equipped with MBB technology, higher power output; 1500V system design, low BOS cost; Attenuation < 0.5%, 30-year linear   performance warranty.

Transparent double glass solar panels: professional layout design. The transmittance of 10%, 45% and 50% can be flexibly customized according to the needs of the clients, can perform well in sunshine room. It is matched with adhesive installation, and has superior transparency and waterproof performance.

All black double glass solar panels: by adjusting the raw materials and preparation process, the all black appearance of the solar panels can be realized, which can better meet the aesthetic needs of the European market for the harmonious integration of solar panels and building walls. It is a double glass solar panel integrating beauty and efficiency.

All black shingled double glass solar panels: The shingling process has no cells gap, which expands the light-receiving area of the cell and improves the power generation density of the panel. The conductive adhesive replaces the welding ribbon, avoids the shielding of the welding ribbon, improves the power of the panel, about 10% more power gain , and the BOS cost is diluted. Smallsize panel can be adapted to different roofs and can be installed flexibly. The all-black appearance is more atmospheric and beautiful.

Relying on the reliable high efficient products and high-quality services, Raytech has exported to France,Netherland, Hungary,Switherland,Australia, Vietnam, India, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Russia, Thailand, Dubai, Brazil Maldives and other countries, and is widely recognized in the international market. Raytech is committed to the R & D and promotion of high-efficiency photovoltaic products and contributes to the global dual carbon targets.

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