Bifacial Modules 60-Layout


Bifacial Modules 60-Layout

60-Layout Monocrystalline Bifacial Solar Module
20.4% Max. Efficiency
Transparency Option: Opaque / 10% Transparency
Frame: 30mm Aluminum Frame / Frameless
30-year Linear Performance Warranty
12-Year Product Warranty

Bifacial Modules 60-Layout

Product Features

  • Optimized Power Gain

    ● Half-cell cutting technology to lower output power loss from shading; ● Unique product design to realize cooler working temperature and smaller probability of hotspot; ● The back material - tempered glass is non-conductive and non-reactive, which guarantees a high resistance to PID; ● Double-glass design gives more strength to the whole panel to avoid microcracks during transportation, installation and snowy/windy environment;

  • Higher Return on Investment

    ● 1500V system voltage design can effectively lower BOS cost; ● Raytech offers 30-year linear performance warranty with annual degradation less than 0.5% starting from second year; ● Frameless design (aluminum framing - optional) can offer easier surface cleaning solution for projects in snowy weather, resulting in lower O&M cost;

  • Safety and Working Condition Capability

    ● The back material is non-reactive tempered glass, protecting the solar cells from high temperature, high humidity, sand, acid and alkali environment; ● Class-A Fireproofing;
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